Facts About Snow Tires

Do you know that when the average temperature falls below 7 degrees Celsius your tires will be affected. As the temperature drops, non-winter tires loose elasticity and their ability to grip the road. That's why the best tires to have when the temperature drops are Winter Tires.

Advice for Canadian Winter Drivers:

  1. Install Four Winter Tires
  2. Do not mix tires: different tread patterns, sizes, construction can compromise vehicle performance and safety
  3. Check your tires: worn treads have less traction on all surfaces, especially on ice and snow
  4. Monitor tire pressure: in colder weather, the tire pressure in your tires drops. This affects safety and fuel consumption check your tires often
  5. Wheel alignment

MPI has implemented the "Get A Grip Program" that helps to makes purchasing Winter Tires easier. Click Here for more detailed information on the program

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